Our Story

After 30 years at Nordstrom and a year in retirement, Kerri has landed her dream job as the founder and solo sewist of Pearl Manette.

Pearl Manette started with Kerri knitting on the ferry. On her hour-long commute to Seattle, she found a group of people that would affectionately become the ferry gals.  Kerri helped others start, re-start or kindle an interest in the art of fiber and working with their hands.  Her love for helping others grew into a story that originally was Purl Manette, but quickly evolved on the sea with the vision of a Pearl.  That’s it.  It’s pretty simple and yet it casts a wide net so that she still meets people that share their stories of fiber: knitting, sewing, mending.  

Always a maker, Kerri finds joy in creating handmade, one of a kind (and useful!) totes, bags and pouches.  Her love of color, texture and pattern in the fabrics make you stop and want to feel each item, waiting for “the one” to grab your heart.   What makes a piece from Pearl Manette different is the quality that can only be found in a handmade item designed to last. From cutting the fabrics, to assembling the ‘guts’ (snaps, zippers, & straps), every item is sewn in Kerri’s studio by the sea in Manette, Washington.  The passing sounds of ferries and sea life can be heard over the hum of the sewing machine.

For Kerri, her passion for creating handmade objects is only matched by building relationships with her customers.  The mission of Pearl Manette is to craft beautiful creations and build long lasting relationships with its customers.

“You are going to wear that bag or tote for the next five years, and when you need a gift or are ready for a new bag, I want you to come to me.”